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Do not be anxious

It's easier said than done.  What makes you anxious?  I’m sure you can name a list of 5 or more things that add to your anxiety level.  Your list might include visiting your ailing relative, your dental visit, long lines or the ‘Sunday Scaries’.  To understand our anxious moments we need to know what anxious… Continue reading Do not be anxious

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10 Natural Helps for Colds

Colds and sore throats aren’t something that keeps us down, yet most of us will have one this fall or winter season. Thankfully there are several natural bits of help can we use to shorten & lessen the severity of that cold. Here’s a look at a few that will help. #1 Rest. This is… Continue reading 10 Natural Helps for Colds

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Let’s Talk Immunity

This picture shows just how we do NOT want to feel!! Two weeks ago a virus made its way through our family BUT it stopped at me.  Why - I had *healthy habits in place. We all know a healthy immune system helps us fight off colds and flu. The immune system is the first… Continue reading Let’s Talk Immunity