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Thankfulness on a Bad Day

We can find plenty of gratitude devotionals that tell us we are to be thankful for what God has given us.  As believers, we know that everything we have comes from God.    On a ‘good’ day I thank God for my food, my job, my family, my health and more But what does thankfulness… Continue reading Thankfulness on a Bad Day

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Clearing the Air

When I ask; “have you cleared the air between you and your husband?” you know exactly what I mean. You had a disagreement or there is something that needs resolved.  Clearing the air re-establishes your lines of communication. Have you ever considered clearing the air with the Holy God of the universe?   Yesterday;  did you become worried… Continue reading Clearing the Air

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Four Tips to Stay Grounded in a Topsy-Turvey World

It doesn’t take much for our daily lives to spin out of control into chaos and disorder.   Does your typical day look something like this? Your child’s sick, your aged mom has fallen, your car won't start, your coffee pot has gone kaput! My desire; that you use at least one of these four tips… Continue reading Four Tips to Stay Grounded in a Topsy-Turvey World