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Banish your 😔 gloomy mood!

These last two weeks have been rough! I can try to blame it on the last 5 months of partial self-isolation. Yet between you and me, I've had to own up to allowing my mind to travel to places that are emotionally 😑 unhealthy. I've had multiple self-conversations similar to: "Deb, you are worth the… Continue reading Banish your 😔 gloomy mood!

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Laughter, Better than an Apple a Day

This morning I woke up to Baby Giggles While listening to my granddaughter’s giggles, I began to giggle along with her.   My mood was instantly lightened.  I reached over to  caress my husband's  hand.   I felt like I could tackle whatever was going to come my way today. Why did those giggles affect my mood… Continue reading Laughter, Better than an Apple a Day