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Enhance your Yoga Practice with Essential Oils

Over these last 6 months I’ve discovered some things  I’ve fallen in love with.   A bit of wine with dinner, embroidery, and Yoga.    I had taken a few Yoga classes right before the pandemic, but not yet had the opportunity to fall in love with it!   Over these last 6 months I’ve… Continue reading Enhance your Yoga Practice with Essential Oils

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Spicy ‘n Sweet Autumn Diffuser Blends

Candles were my favorite way to make our 🏡 home feel inviting.   They were attractive to the eye and who could argue that aroma they gave off was amazing.    Then…I began to hear about the effects that candles can have on the human body.  I had no clue that candles were made from… Continue reading Spicy ‘n Sweet Autumn Diffuser Blends

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Banish your 😔 gloomy mood!

These last two weeks have been rough! I can try to blame it on the last 5 months of partial self-isolation. Yet between you and me, I've had to own up to allowing my mind to travel to places that are emotionally 😑 unhealthy. I've had multiple self-conversations similar to: "Deb, you are worth the… Continue reading Banish your 😔 gloomy mood!