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Is Your Stress Affecting your Kids?

We laugh about it, now but at the time it was no laughing matter. I had been home all day with the kiddos ages 2 1/2 and 6 weeks. My husband had picked up dinner on his way home from work. "thank you honey for doing me this wonderful favor so I didn't have to… Continue reading Is Your Stress Affecting your Kids?

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I go to church on Sunday, now what…

Maybe you’re a lot like me…You go to church on Sunday. You hear great teaching on God’s Word. You love the music. You even have a few moments to connect with friends. BUT what did you do with the “church stuff” after you pulled out of the parking lot? Let me be honest, as we… Continue reading I go to church on Sunday, now what…

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Don’t let bugs spoil your summer fun!

As we were relaxing at a small family gathering, on the 4th of July, my 2-year old granddaughter swiped at her leg. We asked what had happended - she explained, "I got bit". Yes, relaxing on the patio, in the cool evening air, is one of our favorite things to do. You might find "just… Continue reading Don’t let bugs spoil your summer fun!