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Encouraging Happy and Healthy Conversation

Encouraging a positive, uplifting and meaningful conversation can be the difference between ending the day in a battle or enjoying a relaxing fun-filled evening.

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Is it time to reinvent/renovate​ yourself?

Reinvent: to make again.  Renovate: to restore to life, vigor, or activity   I know, you think, why do I need to renovate myself? I'm doing just fine right where I am. But oftentimes transitions in our lives force us to reinvent ourselves. Some of those transitions include moving from single to married status.  Becoming a… Continue reading Is it time to reinvent/renovate​ yourself?

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Clearing the Air

When I ask; “have you cleared the air between you and your husband?” you know exactly what I mean. You had a disagreement or there is something that needs resolved.  Clearing the air re-establishes your lines of communication. Have you ever considered clearing the air with the Holy God of the universe?   Yesterday;  did you become worried… Continue reading Clearing the Air