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Is it time to reinvent/renovate​ yourself?

Reinvent: to make again.  Renovate: to restore to life, vigor, or activity   I know, you think, why do I need to renovate myself? I'm doing just fine right where I am. But oftentimes transitions in our lives force us to reinvent ourselves. Some of those transitions include moving from single to married status.  Becoming a… Continue reading Is it time to reinvent/renovate​ yourself?

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Benefits of Essential Oils for Dementia

This morning I paid a visit to my 93-year-old mother.  But, today was different.  She carefully explained how she wanted to settle in her chair, but she quickly became agitated.  Something new for her, as she has never exhibited any signs of dementia.  I calmly said, "Mom, we'll get you settled."  She replied, "It's so… Continue reading Benefits of Essential Oils for Dementia