Get Started/Essential Oils 101

What are Therapeutic Grade Oils?

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Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that retain the natural aroma and essence of their source plant.   They are made of tiny molecules that can deliver healing to all systems of our bod

Each essential oil has a structure of natural chemical constituents that makes it unique as to how it functions.  Thus why lavender calms and peppermint invigorates.


How do essential oils interact within the body?  

Through receptors in our body, which are proteins that specifically bind with different types of molecules to facilitate chemical communication to trigger effects.. Think of the cold feeling you get on your fingertips when you pick up an ice cube.  That’s a receptor at work.


YL color logoAfter much research I found Young Living
to be the company I want to buy my essential oils & wellness products from. Their principals align with mine.  

  • THEY WORK!- I can give you personal, client and friend testimonials.
  • PURITY (from seed to sealing of each product)
  • Each bottle or product retains the constituent make up nature intended it to have.
  • Sustainable farming practices
  • *Global Community involvement: such as our Hope for Justice its Mission: To end human trafficking and slavery, in our generation.

Ways to use Essential oils:

  • Diffuse/Inhale
  • Apply
  • Ingest (Vitality or GRAS)

These few simple essential oils support the whole body and home.

Most of the oils below can be Diffused, Inhaled, Ingested (Vitality or GRAS) or Applied.  if they cannot be I will note by that oil.

  • Lemon: Helps Purify & eliminate toxins in the air and body
  • Peppermint:   Increases your energy level.   Aids digestion. May decrease muscle tension.
  • Lavender:   Calms Emotions.   Regenerating for the skin.  May aid sleep.
  • Frankincense:   Support emotions & brain function.  Supports overall body wellness. 
  • Peace & Calming:   Reduces anxiety  (do not ingest)peace and calming
  • Valor:  Uplifts mood.  Balances emotional energy. (do not ingest)
  • Thieves:  Boosts Immune System.  Purifies surfaces.
  • Stress Away:  May help relieve everyday stressors and tension.  (do not ingest)
  • Panaway:  Supports muscle and joint function (do not ingest or diffuse)
  • DiGize:  Supports the Digestive system.  (do not diffuse)
  • Citrus Fresh:  Freshens the air.   Add a single drop to a glass of water to kick the soda habit.  

25517831594_0476de586a_oAs you can see these 12 single oils and blends plus a diffuser support you and your family’s whole body and home wellness.  Young Living has packaged these together for you as a special value.  You pay only $165. But receive $425.00 in essential oils/products (PLUS you receive 24% off future purchases)  There is no subscription required.  To get started visit. - Silver-colored Heart Lock Bridge

My heartfelt recommendation is you start with the premium starter kit.   Side note: If you wish to start right away and your budget does not yet allow, my second choice is the Basic Starter kit, then add Thieves Vitality, Frankincense Vitality and Thieves Household Cleaner.

God’s love and wellness to each of you- Deb

Debbie Johnson, Young Living Wellness Educator  Enroller/Sponsor # 3524510.

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