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Life’s a balancing act (a.k.a. grounded living)

Life is a balancing act.   I seem to be in a constant battle as to how to balance family, friendships, God, work/chores and me time.   This struggle is what birthed Grounded Living.

If you search “balancing life” you’ll receive 159,000,000 results.  It is overwhelming!

After 60 years of tears, meltdowns, struggles, and triumphs I’ve come to the conclusion we need to simplify and ground our lives.   Look at the image of the woman.   Do you think one day she said to herself, “I’m going to balance my body weight on an inanimate object?” and like magic she did it?   NOPE!   She worked hard to develop a strong personal core and then she had to find a sturdy foundation to balance on.

It’s the same with balancing life.  We work on our core and the strong foundation to balance on.   

Our personal core:  Our mental, emotional and physical health.

The support pieces for our core:  Our relationships with our family and friends.

The strong foundation:  Christ.

At you’ll continue to find short stories to support you each of these areas of your life.   Grounded Living’s  Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages will include uplifting quotes, healthy living features and family life tips.

I look forward to sharing stories with you, but more importantly, I look forward to hearing your struggles and triumphs in living a Grounded Life.

Love in Him,



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