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I go to church on Sunday, now what…

Maybe you’re a lot like me…You go to church on Sunday. You hear great teaching on God’s Word. You love the music. You even have a few moments to connect with friends. BUT what did you do with the “church stuff” after you pulled out of the parking lot?

Let me be honest, as we pull out of the parking lot, our conversation can often sound like this,  “That was a really good lesson today.   I enjoyed that new song, did you?  I’m glad to hear Sarah (fictitious name) is coming through her chemo better than expected.”    Nothing bad was said here, yet to a passer-by would they know we went to a church that teaches Jesus or would it sound like we were talking about an exhilarating business conference or a concert we attended on Friday?   

What if our after-church conversations were more about Jesus and caring for church family than about what made it feel good for us. Maybe it would sound something like this. “ Hey! That passage in 1 Peter1:3-11 that Pastor taught on showed me how merciful God is. I am so ungrateful sometimes, I need to thank God for what He did for me. Plus I need to be more merciful to others. What did you learn about God today? I learned that my God is so BIG that He has given me an inheritance that can never go away” What a HOPE that gives me. Oh, and I spoke to Sarah. She’s meeting with her doctor about a new treatment for her cancer. We prayed for the doctor’s wisdom and God’s healing for her. Let’s continue to pray for Sarah and I’ll send her a notecard this week.”

OK, so let’s you and I make those changes on Sunday.  

Now I’m going to challenge both of us again.  Ponder these things… During the week do you act/react any differently than the “really nice guy/gal” that doesn’t know Jesus?   As you talk with customers will the person working next to you know that you have Jesus in your heart? When you pick up your coffee, will the barista know you have the Holy Spirit? As you watch your child’s ball game will the mom/dad next to you be shocked that you know Jesus?

We all have changes we can make in our lives. We aren’t perfect – we are a masterpiece under construction. But as we are under construction, (sanctification by God) we should still behave like we belong to the family of God our Father. What changes can you and I make this week?

  • Can you send a notecard or text to someone “just to say hello”?
  • What if you pray before you scream at that person you are all-fired angry at?
  • Will you let the antsy driver move in front of you on the freeway?
  • Have you a smile and thank you for the barista?
  • Will you spend 10 minutes today “listening and hearing” your child, friend or spouse?

Take some time to have a conversation with God as to the changes you should make. I know as soon as I’m done with writing, the Father and I will be spending some time together.

My prayer for is that you may be filled with the knowledge of God’s will so that you will walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, pleasing Him and bearing much fruit.

xoxo 🌺 Deb

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