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as life imitates a garden…

A moment ago I walked in from my fruit garden.   When walking through our garden you will find a variety of fruit trees. A garden dotted with nectarines, Asian Pear, Anna Apple, lemon, tangelos and a couple others. 

Last year only three of our seven trees bore any fruit.  I have to admit I was a bit disappointed . Yet I decided, it would be  a year when  I would commit to lavish time to fertilize, water and nurture these trees.  

I see my life, last year as imitating my fruit garden, bearing little fruit.

Last spring was difficult and painful.   My mom passed plus I was empty of any real purpose.   As I look back, I was no different from my garden.  It was a year I needed to fertilize and nurture my soul.  I had to make changes so I could bear fruit.  

The changes I made were subtle yet made a powerful difference to my soul and in my spiritual life.  

Each day, with my journal and Bible in hand, I would meditate on a short part of Scripture. 

I slowed down. Instead of rushing through my daily Bible study, I began my time with worship music and savored God’s Word. 

Prayer, my way to talk to and hear from God became more important. I began to study what God’s Word says on prayer and apply it to my relationship with Jesus. 

Relationships. I cherished my family and friend relationships more.

These habits that nurture my soul have become part of my life.   Why?  They are bearing fruit.  I see the value of being a wife as I hear my husband talk about God’s Word.   I know being there as mom is crucial, when my daughter calls to get “mom advice”.   I realize “grandma time matters” as I see my grandchildren shaped by the things I do with and say to them.   Each week, I see God at work in each woman in my small group Bible study.

Nurturing your soul is vital to living a full and profound life that bears fruit.  What can you do to nurture and fertilize your soul? 

🌺 xo   Deb

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