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Holiday Porch Drop Gift Idea

What can you use that’s simple to make as a Holiday Porch drop gift? How can you bring a bit of calm to a friend’s life this Holiday Season?    Bring them this little gem of Lavender bath salts or foot soak.

Let’s look at why this gift is perfect to bring that much-needed Holiday calm.  

Lavender essential oil brings calm. As you inhale the Lavender essential oil it travels to the limbic system, the center of your moods and emotions to bring calm.

Sea Salt brings hydration. For years, sea salt has been used to love on the body. Along with bringing hydration it decreases the roughness of your skin.

Epsom salt brings relaxation. Whether you use this as a bath or foot soak , Epsom salt works to decrease both inflammation and muscle pain brining relaxation to the body.  

Lavender essential oil regenerates the skin. Lavender essential oil has long been used to regenerate the skin. Used in many beauty products it’s a go-to for softening and regenerating the skin. (please make sure you use a therapeutic grade essential oil like Young Living to receive the most benefit)

Together these three create a full body spa experience. The combination of Lavender essential oil, sea salt and Epsom salt work together to benefit the cardiovascular, nervous and skin systems.    

This Holiday season when you give this thoughtful, small gift you are giving your friend…


Ingredients: 1 cup coarse sea salt,  1 cup Epsom salt (organic preferred), 2 tablespoons baking soda, 15 drops Young Living Lavender essential oil. Plus extra decoration in the way of organic Lavender buds, a cute jar or tube, a bow and a gift card.

Mix together then place into your favorite glass jar or tube.  Pretty it up and it’s ready for that Holiday porch drop.

Enjoy this Holiday season!🌺 Deb

P.S. (The information above is based on using Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils) 

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