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What can God do with a blonde-haired, insecure, perfectionist?

You’ll never guess who inspired me to write this blog? Glenda. Glenda is the purveyor of the tastiest cashews on this planet. I enjoy Glenda’s cashews but knowing who Glenda is helps me to understand why she and her family produce these amazing tasting cashews.

Now I don’t grow cashews but I am unique in my own right. Hopefully knowing a bit about me, will help you understand why I have a passion for God. What prompts me to teach, share my enthusiasm for everything wellness and enjoy special moments with my family.

I was born in the winter of 1956, in a warm Southern California town known for its citrus. Warmth is good for citrus but on the day mom and dad brought me home from the hospital it snowed. Yep, it was snow that stuck to the ground. (The citrus growers had their smudge pots going full throttle that day!)

Mom and dad had waited nearly 8 years to conceive, so I was the youngest in our extended family. I guess you could say that made me a bit spoiled. That was until my brother was born 2 1/2 years later.

Being a girl born in the ’50’s I was slated to play dolls, Barbies and dress up. But not me! My favorite thing to do was race Tonka trucks down my parent’s carpeted hall in an effort to beat my brother’s truck to the other end. In addition to Tonka trucks, climbing trees, hitting ⚾️ baseballs and racing the neighborhood boys to the end of the cul-de-sac were my favorite past-times.

This handsome man, Dennis, and I married on a warm June evening in 1976. Five years later we were blessed with a little red-haired boy. Two years later, his feisty little blond-haired, blue eyed sister was born. To say these two changed our life is an understatement. Dance competitions, bowling leagues, school plays and homework became our life.

In between juggling these two littles, Dennis and I launched a promotions business. That business taught me how to give, encourage others, laugh at my mistakes and cry when I had too much to handle.

Working and raising a family as a couple was a challenge. Remember that wallflower little girl? She grew into a strong-willed, self- absorbed, and insecure woman. Bumps along our marriage and family path challenged me to grow up and learn to love outside of myself.

Through the grace of God, both Dennis and I came to know Jesus as our Savior. In 1998 I attended a Bible study. That group of women and studying God’s Word stirred within me a passion to know more about God. That passion blossomed into sharing the love of God’s Word. Today I lead a small group Bible study. My most recent challenge is writing a Bible study. These bring me more joy that I can imagine.

You may recall that red-haired little boy and the feisty little girl. They are now all grown up with kiddos of their own. As a couple, Dennis and I spend much of our free time on the floor playing Barbies, Tonka trucks and reading to our three grandchildren.

Remember that young girl who loved to race trucks, hit baseballs and race? My young girl joy for activity has turned into a dedication for wellness for our family and others.

God has taken me on this amazing journey. Through it all this man has been by my side. Dennis I look forward to exploring a few new places, as “just the two of us” in the near future as well.

I’d love to hear your story!

love to you, 🌺 Deb

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