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Reboot and Recharge your 2020

Life has been turned upside down.  That coffee date with a friend is non-existent.  Your income has been slashed. The marketing plan that you laid out in January has been trashed.    You say, “this wasn’t my plan at all”     I get it.   I’m going stir crazy, I truly miss sipping my latte in my favorite coffee shop while playing Qwirkle Cubes with my husband.  I miss seeing friends on a weekly basis.  I miss a lot of things…

BUT…today’s our day to Reboot and Recharge 2020.  It’s our day to look at life differently.  You ask how can I do this when I’m trapped in an emotional brain fog?

Canva - small Woman Wearing White Tank Top MeditatingFirst, get on your knees either literally or emotionally.   Thank God for everything you have.  Write it on a Post It®, put it in a jar to pull out on those days you emotionally ‘just can’t’.

I’ll get you started on that list:

I’m  🙏🏼thankful for:

💑 The love of my family and friends

☕ Coffee that gets me going

🌅 This morning’s beautiful sunrise

🎶 Music that fills my heart and soul

🙌 My God who loves me even when I’m unloveable

Let me hear what you are thankful for

Next picture a new beginning.  You may think, I can’t while I’m stuck in this situation. I’m here to tell you, YES YOU CAN!   Close your eyes.

  • Imagine yourself taking up that hobby you’ve always wanted to master.  
  • Learn a skill you never have had time to learn.   
  • Flip your business upside down.   Can you sell one of the products you serviced people with? Are you able to consult  others who dream of the career you have?   What if you call each and every one of your clients to ask how they are doing and pray with them?
fashion woman notebook pen
Photo by Negative Space on

Last crucial step. 

  1. Write it down
  2. Look at it daily
  3. Do it!

My prayer for you is that during this time you pause for just a moment to reboot and recharge.  I personally know that my God is big enough to make you a new person if you do this.  He can take you from that point of ‘my life is miserable, topsy-turvy, and disjointed’ to a point where you say ‘I’m a stronger, caring, and much more creative person.

🤟love you in Christ, 


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