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Essential Oils 101 in less Than 3 Minutes

I fell in love with the powerful benefits of Young Living pure essential oils over 3 years ago. First-hand experience has taught me the difference between Young Living’s pure eo’s and watered down “store-bought” brands.

When I received my premium starter kit, I was excited to learn that this kit would provide support for nearly every wellness challenge I would face. It’s now my passion to share these benefits with those of you who want to move from synthetic, quick-fix solutions to using powerful tools that support your body.

Plants are unique.  On the exterior, you can see the difference between a rose and a lemon.   Inside each plant is its lifeblood, which is as unique to each e.o. as their exterior is.  These internal differences are what allow each e.o. it’s unique and powerful wellness benefits.

Essential oils can be diffused or applied to the body.  In addition, our pure Vitality (white label) oils can be consumed.  

Let’s start with Lavender, the most well-known essential oil.  Therapeutic effects: Calming, soothing, muscle calming, emotional support, cleansing, regenerative.  Common uses: sleep, stress, and dry skin, acne, etc.

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Lemon: Therapeutic effects: Cleansing, flushing, calming, uplifting, clarification.  Common uses Detox, constipation, anti-oxidant, air purification, etc.

Peppermint:  Therapeutic effects: Mind opening, cleansing, flushing, soothing.  Common uses brain fog, digestion, hot flashes, muscle tension, etc.

Frankincense:  This power-house e.o. has been around for centuries. Therapeutic uses: Cleansing, protecting, calming, regenerative, emotional support.  Common uses Cognitive, inflammation, wrinkles, moles, emotional support, etc.

Above, we covered some single essential oils but in addition, Young Living has some amazing proprietary blends. Their benefits are noted below.

Thieves: This is probably the most well-known blend.   Therapeutic uses: Immunity, Purifying.   Think of Thieves as wrapping yourself in an immunity blanket.

Peace & Calming: Therapeutic uses: Relaxation, Calming. Think of Peace and Calming as your relaxing, cool breeze on a hectic day.

Valor:  Therapeutic uses: Uplifting, confidence, grounding, energy balance.  Think of Valor as your cheerleader on a day you can’t pull your mood up.

Stress away w flowersStress Away: Therapeutic effects: Focus, sleep, unwind.   Think of Stress Away as a diversion from the daily rat race of life.

Digize: Therapeutic effects: Digestive calm, flushing.  Think of Digize as an engine that moves your upper and lower digestive systems along.

Raven: Therapeutic effects:  Respiratory support.  Think of Raven as a natural chest rub to free up your breathing.

Citrus Fresh: Therapeutic effects: Mental clarify, energizing, purifying. Think…the smell of fresh-cut citrus rinds.

Panaway: Therapeutic effects: Muscle cooling, soothing and stimulating.   Think of Panaway as your massage therapist in a bottle.  

I could go on with the 100’s of other essential oils but I want to get you started on your wellness journey.  2019 pskWe at Young Living have wrapped these 12 essential oils, PLUS a diffuser and some additional samples into a wellness “starter” kit.
  If purchased individually these would cost $400.  BUT you can purchase your “ premium starter kit ” for only $165.  (plus tax and freight)    To purchase click here, then choose to become a member.  You’re now a wholesale member saving 24% on future purchases.

If you have any questions about essential oils or Young Living please feel free to reach out to me by Email

Lovin’ helping you grow in wellness,




This blog does not provide medical advice It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911.

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