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Get to know me…

Hi – I’m Debbie Johnson, a woman who loves Jesus.  I enjoy playing board games and sipping coffee with my amazing husband of over 40 years.   My son and daughter are each married to wonderful God-loving people.   Seeing life through my grandchildren’s eyes shows me the beauty of simple things.  They inspire me to be adventurous.

Together my husband and I owned a business for over 40 years.  God has now called me to mentor women in His Word.  Write this blog, which will include Lessons from a Life lived and learned through mistakes, challenges and the grace of a loving God.

My life is lived by starting my day reading God’s Word.  He is my true Grounding and Rock.  I have learned to eat more healthy foods because they give me more energy – which we all need desperately.  I work out daily because my body needs to be stretched, strengthened, and aerobically fit to live life to the fullest.    I am an avid user of Essential Oils because they give me the wellness boost this body of mine needs!

I hope you enjoy life as much as I do.   Feel free to comment or reach out to me at

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