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When my Mind is at War…

As I sit here writing, my mind is at war.  Today the battle looks like this;  Is my time best used to write my blog?  Or it is more important to spend quality time with my husband? OR should I be reaching out to clients?

Tomorrow will be a new battle.  Shall I please my mom by visiting her for the 4th day in a row or take a health break by going to the gym and the Dr.?

Over dinner, last evening, I explained to my husband the current war that was going on it my mind.  He agreed, how often we allow our minds to war.  We allow ourselves to wrestle over how to please others or let false guilt plague us.

None of these things I’m battling over are better than another.  They are all “good things” I can do with my time.  

What do you battle within your mind? “Did I put in enough time at work?”  “I have health issues but I don’t want to make time for myself because it takes away from family.”  “I haven’t spent enough time in God’s Word.”  The list goes on…  

The keywords here are; allow, please others, and false guilt.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I know allowing false guilt and pleasing others to be liked are a sin.   Why?  They pull me away from living in the moment that God has for me right now.  That battle in my mind pre-occupies me so I can’t do His work in whatever “good thing” I have chosen to do.

Suppose I chose to go to the gym for an hour instead of my 4th visit of the week to my mother’s.  There’s nothing in God’s Word that tells me I can’t exercise. In fact, God tells our body is His temple that needs to be cared for. (1 Corinthians 6:19).    Let’s suppose I’m feeling guilty the time I’m at the gym, what could happen?  I don’t relax, missing the full health benefit. Besides, with my mind focused on my false guilt, I may miss the divine appointment to listen to my friend.


What do we do to get rid of these battles in our minds?

  • Give it up to God – Pray.  As a child of God, you and I have His Spirit living inside us.  When we pray we are focusing on His needs and desires for our life.
  • Stay in God’s Word.   As we continue to read God’s Word we learn what is good and right in His eyes.   “I learn that I should make my family a priority but nowhere in God’s Word does it say that needs to be 24/7”
  • Be confident in your decision.   As a song, I heard today said, “There’s no wrong door”.  Once you have done the above two you will be in God’s will whichever choice you make.  Stay on track with your original decision. 
  • Don’t allow your mind to re-enter into a battle.  There is nothing Satan wants more than a child of God in a constant battle over “good things”
  • Give yourself grace.  Example: You choose to go to the gym, while your child was taking a gymnastic lesson.  You arrive back to pick her up only to see her sitting in a chair with an ice pack on her broken finger.  You had no idea that while you were on the treadmill she would land on her finger practicing a back hand-spring.  Yes, this did happen to me!   That little girl, now 35 never once blamed me for her broken finger or for not being right there. 

As I close this post, I have tears in my eyes.   I realize now that God has given me a clear way to live in peace within myself.  I hope you too will become aware of the same thing.    

In Christ,


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