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What’s Your Why?

Today started early to get to my Tuesday morning networking group.    I arrived at the meeting feeling a bit uncertain about what was going to happen, ‘cuz I’m a newbie’.    At education moment, Steph shared 3 Marketing Takeaways from Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why”.    We then proceeded to contribute to the group by stating why we do what we do.    I was the first to jump in and volunteer to share.   My run-on answer was something like this,  “I want other people to live a healthy life.”   Although it is true,  I’d like people to live healthy lives, it wasn’t my real ‘why’ of what I do.    

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If you are like I am, I’d heard of Simon Sinek but never learned the basis of his “Start with Why”.   In a nutshell a ‘why’ is:  Why did you start your business? (money can’t be a why) Why do run from the crack of dawn until late at night for your family? Why did you choose your career?

As I reflected back on the statement I made at the meeting, I realized I had not shared my real ‘why’.     My ‘why’ should be that driving force that gets me out of bed when I’d prefer to stay underwarm covers. My ‘why’ is what helps me make the tough choices when I am at a crossroad of how to spend my time. My ‘why’ needs to be what sets me apart from others.

I’d like to challenge you to look for your ‘why’.  If you are a stay-at-home mom, why do you choose that course?   If you are in a job that is weighing you down, why did you choose that career in the first place?       

bethany-laird-407583-unsplashGet started by reflecting  on a few defining moments in your life. 

For me it was this:  I was living in a repeated state of worry & anxiety.   This state caused me to be spiritually, physically and emotionally exhausted.  I felt like I was going through the motions, and not enjoying life to its fullest.   I then realized I am created to live out a specific God-given purpose.   When I am taxed  in that way I can’t live out my purpose.   

This led me to my ‘why’.  “In everything I do, I will share a way to live life vibrantly so people can fulfill their God-given purpose”   

You may ask, what is my personal God-given purpose?   It’s to share and show the Lord to others; along with inspiring women to live that same way.  

I challenge you to  take a few minutes to reflect on what’s your ‘why’.  If you are a stay-at-home mom, why do you choose that course?   If you are in a job that is weighing you down, why did you choose that career in the first place?

Once you find your ‘why’  I believe it will help direct you to your God-given purpose.

I’d love to hear your why – share it with me!

In Him,   Deb

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