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the day between… (Good Friday and Easter)

Last evening I asked friends what their plans were this Saturday, the day between Good Friday and Easter.  They answered, “We’re thinking about going to an arboretum”    Today, on my Saturday morning walk, I asked myself, “What am I going to do today? Maybe I’ll go to the local Spring Festival to watch adorable children open Easter Egg surprises” 

My mind, then took at sharp turn.   I began to ask my Heavenly Father what He and Jesus might have talked about on that Saturday. (the day between what we call Good Friday and Easter Sunday.)   

Did they break into tears to see each other again?   

Did they rest? (God had seen His Son beaten and crucified.   Jesus had suffered a most painful human death.)

Did they high five each other shouting, “We made a way so We can be in harmony once more with man”

What do you think they talked about?

We may never know what they talked about.    What we can do is ask ourselves, “What should we ‘think on’ this Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday?”

My conclusion:  As a believer in Christ, I should remember:  Christ was forsaken by God for me.   His torture and pain were because He loves me.  I picture all my sins laying on Him.   I see His blood flowing down from His crown of thorns, washing away all my sins.  Christ died and rose for me.   He closed the gap between God and me.    I am assured that am FREE.  I have the Holy Spirt which allows me to talk with the One God who created me.

christianity-cross-god-54333What should I do with this…

In the words of the song Once and For All, this is what we should do on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday:

“God I give You all I can today, these scattered ashes that I hid away.  I lay them all at Your feet.

There is victory in my Savior’s loss and in the crimson flowing from the cross. Pour over me, pour over me.

Oh let this be where I die. My lord with thee crucified Be lifted high as my Kingdom’s fall. Once and for all, once and for all”

Today, whether it be the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, or just any other day.  Start again.   Lay it  all down at the feet of Christ.  You are now pure and holy through His blood.    Let’s behave as we are, forgiven sinners.  We have been called to walk like Christ.  Lay down your ego and pick up His life mission, loving others above ourselves.

Love you in Christ,


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