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Simple Ways to Carve out Time with God

Last week, our small group Bible study asked, “What’s your biggest obstacle to spending time with the Lord?  Hands down, the biggest obstacle was carving out time.

I’ve been pondering over our responses for the last few days.   What does it look like to carve out that time?   We each have a variety of demands of our time;  work, family, volunteer activities — the list goes on!  My goal is to give you and myself a few tips to help carve out that time to spend with our Creator.

First ask yourself these questions: 

  • Which priorities have I set above God? (work, play, family, sleep)
  • Am I content with only knowing God through what is spoon-fed to me on Sunday or in that podcast?    
  • Is my time spent with God out of obligation or true love for Him?

Once you have done some soul-searching, then you can use these tips to help you carve out your time.

Start small.  (Begin with 5 minutes. Remember how you got to know your spouse or best friend? Maybe it  was a moment in the grocery line or at a birthday party.  As your interest in that person grew, so did your time together)

plannerMake a date with the Lord.  (Each evening look at your schedule. What open time slot  do you have?  Book that time!

Spend time with God before anyone else is awake. 

Take a bath. (What I mean here is, shut the door to interruption! Let your family know this is time between you and the Lord.  Your dedication is an example for them to follow.  This may be a time your children do the same)

alarm-clock-black-coffee-book-359991Get up earlier. (Tomorrow set your alarm 5 minutes earlier, do that for a week. Successive weeks back-up your alarm until you reach the time you and He have decided upon.)

Put your Bible next to your bed.  (Before your feet touch the floor, sit up in bed and have your time in His Word there.)

Change your mindset.  (Are you in a Bible study?  Don’t think of that as independent study time. It’s time that you are diving deeper into His Word.)

Lastly, Stop comparing.  (As with any personal relationship you and God are to determine the amount of time you spend together.)

Being able to put this down in writing has helped me decide which simple way I’m going to use, which way will you apply?  I’d love to hear from you.

In Him,


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