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Is it Time Rip up Your Game Plan?

No matter who your prized team was in the most recent Super Bowl (2019), no one would argue the game was stagnant.  The score was 3 to 3 for 80% of the game.  Then something happened. There were ten minutes left in the game. Patriot’s offensive coordinator,  Josh McDaniels ripped up the former game plan.   “On the New England sideline, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels had seen enough. He gathered his offensive players around him and explained that, in crunch time in the NFL championship game, he was ripping up the game plan.”   Results:  He adjusted. He changed a stagnant game to a win for the Patriots.   

You’re asking what does this have to do with me?  LOTS!  

You’ve heard it said,  “I’ve done it this way all my life and it’s worked, so why change it?”  Life has taught me clear-cut change is good.  There is a time to rip up the previous game plan.  Make a change in the course of your life or business.  Ripping up the game plan has proven to bring forth productive results, let me show you a few results.

  • Last week our granddaughter gave mommy and daddy a no-sleep night.  She was playing the game of,  ‘if I scream I will get what I want’.  What did they do, they ripped up the old game plan.   Instead of using the same method to soothe her back to sleep they adjusted and used a  different one.   Results: Everyone enjoyed a good night’s sleep.
  • In 2006, our successful small business touted over 500 clients. Over the last 15 years  we had profitably marketed using direct mail.  In December 2007, the landscape changed overnight, the recession of 2008 – 2009.   In January  2008 we promptly  ripped up our former game plan!  We scaled back our clients from 500 to 100. We adjusted  our marketing tactic from direct mail to relationship marketing.   Results: At the end of the recession our profit was the same as pre-recession.  Plus it continued to increase in the years following.
  • One of my clients has been on a nebulizer for a while.   She was frustrated with being tied to the nebulizer.   What did she do?  She ripped up her former game plan!   She made a choice to add essential oils to her game plan.  She began diffusing Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca (Tea Tree) and Lemon essential oil.   Results: She no longer needs to rely on the nebulizer to help her breath.

You’ve heard four stories of how ripping up the game plan resulted in positive change.     I’d like to challenge you today to ask yourself this question:  Where in my life do I need to rip up my game plan and make something new happen?   Do I need to adjust my wellness habits ?  Should I change my career path?   Are there things that I should change in my small business?  or?

close-up-composition-data-669986Ripping up the old game plan isn’t always comfortable. If you look at the problem then create a new game plan it can bring valuable results. 

Let me know what you are ripping up today, how you are going to make it happen plus the positive impact you plan on seeing in your life.

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