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Is Your Next Step Insurmountable?

In my last blog post I wrote,  “Don’t let fear hold you back.  Take that next step to your dream.  What is the next step you want to take?  Start a new career?  Quit your job and be a stay at home mom?   Go back to school? Take your fantasy vacation!  Dream big ladies! Envision your dream, take that first step, take it now.  Succeed!”   Many of us are at that stage of life where we can take that next step joyfully and succeed.   You go girl!

But some of you may be at a place in life where instead of dreams moving you to a new and exciting place, your dreams are ending. You are moving you to a place of insecurity. 

Yesterday I spoke to a dear friend going through the unimaginable.  She’s facing a threat to life as she knows it;  her rock of a husband being placed on hospice.  She mentioned “it is what it is”.  In addition she may be asking herself;  “What is my next step and how do I take that step?”

adult-architecture-backpack-1251861Some of you may be watching your children grow up around you.   Your teen may have received their new driver’s license which brings them  freedom and you insecurity.  What does your life look like now that you don’t have to drive them back and forth to school?

Your grown children may have moved their family to follow their job.  You don’t have the luxury of calling to say, can I come over to visit?  What do you now do with yourself when you can’t pop in and say hello over a cup of coffee?

adult-blur-chair-226634A handful of you may have lost your job.  The job you worked your tail off to earn.  Now you ask, where do I go from here?   Am I still valuable?

Life is full of changes, challenges and insecurities. How do we move to that next plateau?

This morning I heard a song,  One Step by Laurel Taylor . The lyrics say “I know it gets hard when you cannot see, when time gets rough and it all starts caving in. You keep pushing in.”    She then sings, “There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I wanna take One step, One step, One step at a time.


Picture with me,  light at the end of a tunnel.  That light is a long way off.   How do we get to that light?    We take one step, one step, one step at a time.  Finally we reach that light.   We look back and  see how those single steps, one after the other took us from a deep dark cavern to the Light.


Ladies, as you face the changes, challenges and insecurities of life, take one step at a time.  spring-276014_1920As you do, take heart in knowing God promises;  “For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear, I AM with you”. Isaiah 41:13  The God who created you, the Father who loves you is taking each step with you One Step at a time.

Share, in love, your challenges and how you are going to triumph taking one step at a time.


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