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Exercise FREEBIES to Start Your New Year

In less than 3 weeks we will once again look at ourselves in the mirror. I can hear each of us saying,  “Why did I eat everything put in front of me this Holiday Season?”  

I’d like to help you plan ahead with some New Year Exercise Freebies.

I live in a town with a lot of wonderful gyms.    As an ex-professional ballet dancer, my Pilates and Barre instructor is one of the best in town.   I attend classes as often as I can but there are times when I can’t make it or I’m not feeling social.   You may have ‘littles’ that are clinging to you, so you can’t make it out the door.    It may be too cold and you want to stay in the warmth of your home.  So what do you do at those times?

Check out these fantastic FREE exercise programs and videos:


Weight Loss Yoga for Beginner w/ Erica Vetra  

Flexibility Yoga 30 Minute Workout to Boost Noibility – Julia Jarvis

Yoga Inspired Sculpt 30 minutes

pilatesPilates and Barre:

Club Pilates and health.com 30 minute workout

Pilates Workout 30 minutes full body sculpting

Barre (25 minute Abs, Hips and Thighs)


Ballet Beautiful Body Blast (Four 15 minute segments)


10 minute Flexibility Stretch (my go to nearly every day!)

Breathe, Stretch and Relax (20 minutes)

plankMix of Cardio/Weights/HIIT

Barefoot Fusion Sculpt (25 min)

Plank Power Workout (14 min) – perfect short ab workout

15-minute Total Body Strength 

HIIT for Beginners

Jessica Smith Videos (this has been my go to for years for any and all types of exercise for Free.

WALK!!  (for aerobic benefits walk quickly and try hills) 

Play Frisbee with the dog

Take the littles to the park

Time-Saving Exercises  

Note: I am not a fitness trainer and you should know and be aware of your body’s needs and abilities.   Always contact your fitness trainer or health professional for advice for your health and wellness.

bestyouMy desire for you is that you make your own body healthy and strong and never compare yourself to others.  Make yourself your best “you”.



This blog does not provide medical advice It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the GroundedLiving.blog. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911.

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